The Bicol River Development Foundation Inc.

The Bicol River Development Foundation Inc. was created to protect, preserve, enhance, promote, and develop the Bicol River and the spaces surrounding it. The organization will take the lead in a variety of initiatives that contribute to the development and rehabilitation of the Bicol River.

Historically, there have been efforts to organize actions to save the Bicol River but past efforts have been fragmented. Thus, there is a critical need for coordinated development effort at both upstream and downstream side of the basin. The creation of the Bicol River Foundation signals the commitment to finally act on the call to protect, preserve, and enhance the Bicol River.

Specifically, the organization aims:

  • To promote and encourage responsible socio-economic development; to preserve the ecological integrity, improve the ecological function, and promote the conservation, protection and development of natural, agricultural and aquatic resources found in the river, its watershed, and the surrounding areas within the Bicol region;
  • To implement preservation, conservation and restoration projects that improve native species diversity, habitat quality and connectivity, and management efforts to control the spread of invasive species with the aim of achieving long-term sustainability of the river as a functioning and healthy ecosystem;
  • To enhance, encourage and promote multiple uses of the river such as but not limited to irrigation, power generation, and potable water source by promoting responsible resource utilization and development, as well as protection and enhancement of its natural resources;
  • To establish the Bicol River as a regional recreation resource that provides everyone an opportunity to experience nature and build support for river stewardship among its inhabitants, and visitors;

Ultimately, the organization seeks to promote sustainable development of the Bicol River and conserve and preserve its rich natural resources and cultural value for the future generation.

Bicol River

The Bicol River is the eighth largest river in the Philippines in terms of drainage basin size with an estimated catchment area of 3,770 km²

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